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"An animal doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care."

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Proudly Serving

Texas, California, and Florida


Located in Waco, Texas


For other out of state visits please contact Erin

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Maintenence Bodywork

Bodywork on a regular basis for equine athletes as part of their wellness program. It's purpose is to help the equine athlete achieve physiological balance & peak performance. 

Show and Event Bodywork

Event bodywork focuses on relieving pain, mobilizing joints through motion stretch therapy, and restoring vigor and vitality to fatigued muscles. Post show and during show visits may be made. 

Rehab Program

Injured, rescued, older horses, and more can benefit from the rehab program. This program consists of a detail and goal oriented write up shared with the owner and bodywork and/or laser therapy for a planned amount of time along with muscle building exercises and more. Contact for more information on packages.

Out of State Visit

Depending on the state, I am able to provide out of state visits. Rather for one horse, a group of horses, or a whole barn I am able to customize the needs of each. Please contact for more information and packages. 

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